Why Lunar Intentions?

Lunar Intentions Image

Every month at the New Moon conditions are perfect to create one’s intentions, and when done in sync with the astrological forces at play, the universe is at our back propelling us forward – further, faster … with freedom and ease.


There are ways of being to follow with each phase of the moon, appropriate times for action, areas of your life (houses) highlighted with each New Moon, and cosmic activity that all play together.

When you consciously create who you are being, envision your intentions, share them with others, take effective actions, and breakthrough the beliefs that exist between the present and the future you are creating … your dreams come to life!

Lunar Intentions is committed to walking you through the phases, sharing resources for every step along the way, and bringing community to the conversation.


We publish an email Lunar Intentions Newsletter and the Lunar Intentions Facebook Page will walk you through each phase of the lunar cycle … from creating intentions in sync with the cosmos at each New Moon, distinguishing the beliefs that impact the fulfillment of your intentions, practicing ways of being that will set you up for a breakthrough at the Full Moon, and bringing you to completion at the end of each cycle.