Aquarius New Moon

© Lunar Intentions – Aquarius New Moon

Every new moon we are given the opportunity to create an intention. The moon is directly linked to the energies of the sign and degree of where it aligns with the sun, it creates alignments with other celestial bodies, and depending on where those land in your chart you have an once in a lifetime opportunity to create intentions that will manifest your dreams.

We at Lunar Intentions are taking that to the next level. We are creating a conversation to shed light on the forces that are at play in the cosmos, maximize the healing benefits of each cycle, and contribute to bringing intentions to life all over the globe.

With this lunar cycle and on this Aquarius New Moon we create the intention of Lunar Intentions!

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

What are Lunar Intentions? Find out more here …

Interested in the astrological energies currently at play … visit the Lunar Intentions Facebook Page regularly, we curate content from quality soul evolutionary astrologers to assist you along your journey.

Moon details in your part of the globe found here …

Artistic collaboration with Tempest Works.

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