Taurus First Quarter Square

© Lunar Intentions – Taurus First Quarter Moon

In the grounding energy of Taurus we move towards tonight’s First Quarter Moon at 11:46p PST. In the week since we began this cycle at the Aquarius New Moon, we have passed through two phases … and many spaces.

During the days following the casting of our intention, we plunged whole-heartedly into the new experience … through alterations of our environment and/or holding the vision in our minds/hearts. During this phase our intentions and actions instinctively flowed from/through us, we actively intended.

New beginnings began to take root and inevitably our ‘reality’ pushed back. The next few days included everything that is NOT in sync with our intentions. It reared it’s ugly head, thoughts of doubts invaded ours, and challenges occurred in our outer world.

Although our instincts are to resist, this phase is best transversed through listening. Be with whatever comes up, treasure each occurrence as the gift it is. They are your keys to heaven. Capture them somewhere you can reference back to … they are the parts of you that require healing before your intention will come to life! Maybe through this cycle … possibly in the future.

Starting tonight, and going through the next few days we are entering the phase that is commonly referred to as the ‘crisis in action’, the days where the rubber hits the road. We will instinctively be called into action, listen for the calls, they may be but a whisper. Seize every opportunity, do your best, and love yourself. Share your vision with others! Without breaking the binds that stand between us and our intentions we minimize the outward expression of the potential that lives within our hearts. Be courageous! The Mars sextile Jupiter will assist us through this.

Around Wednesday/Thursday of this week, we move into our next listening phase … it’s time to listen to within, begin analyzing the HOW, contemplating, adjusting, and surrendering to what is. All of this leads up to the Full Moon, which for this cycle is in Virgo on February 22nd at 10:19a PST. Where the universe will reveal whether what we intend will sprout or be left in the ground to grow in the future.

We here at Lunar Intentions have been walking this path in the creation of this community and are super delighted to share the next image in our 2016 Collection. The plan is to share images and guidance with each phase, to highlight an artist with each lunar year, and lift one another up. We have quite a ways to still go. This last week, we made strides in fulfilling that intention and bravely continue forward with all of you through this lunar cycle.

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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