Virgo Full Moon

© Lunar Intentions – Virgo Full Moon

We reap what we sow! What were you sowing during the September 12th Virgo New Moon … six months ago? It wasn’t just ANY new moon. It was a solar eclipse! An opportunity for major growth, a time when we are forced to consider options we may have avoided, been blind to, or had spontaneously arrive. However the change arrived, it was during this momentous event the ground was set for great growth. What did you sow?

If that wasn’t enough … the full moon a couple weeks later, was a lunar eclipse. On the dramatic September 28th Blood Moon, in addition to the possibility of witnessing our new moon intention bloom, we got a peak at our shadow.  Did your intentions bloom? Even just a little? What did you discover about yourself? For those discoveries, when healed, are the pathway to reaping your intentions.

What am I talking about? Still a little hazy on the lunar phases and their dynamic interplay? This article by the AstroTwins will shed more light on the subject … Moon Phases: Quarter Moons, Eclipses, New & Full Moons Decoded.

What does this have to do with you? Well, the Pisces New Moon coming up in a couple weeks on March 8th, 2016 is a similar opportunity … it is an eclipse, as is the full moon that follows on March 23rd in Libra. Now is the time to begin preparation for it. It is the perfect time to take stock of where things are, where the astrological forces are playing out in your personal chart, and listening to your heart for your true intentions.

These opportunities are gifts. Ones that are best leaned into. It was during these two events that Lunar Intentions took form in this world. Went from being one of several entrepreneurial irons simmering in the fire of my being, into the foreground. After years of focusing on other endeavors, with intervals of times where my mind wandered, notebooks filled with notions, and I dabbled at attempts to sync my intentionality with the lunar cycle … it all came together. My path irrevocably changed.

During that full moon, when I believed there were other tasks I ‘should’ be doing, I found myself inexplicably creating the Lunar Intentions website.  Several of my business ideas coalesced into ONE and the path that opened up before my eyes had me perfectly questioning … ‘Who am I to create Lunar Intentions?’  To which my soul replied … ‘Who are you not to?’

So here we are: Lunar Intentions is blooming. During the February 7th Aquarius New Moon the intention became public, the stakes have been raised. Several steps down the path have been tread and there is much further to travel. Our legs are getting firmer. The sights are pleasing to the eyes. We are powerfully along our way!

It is by embodying what is possible through following the lunar cycle that we at Lunar Intentions will bring this technology to the world. By committing to it being a conversation, providing the mileposts along the path, and sharing resources we illuminate a powerful practice that humanity lost somewhere along the way.

Just like with all celestial events, there is much at play with this Virgo Full Moon and we encourage you to explore what it all means in your world. Visit the Lunar Intentions Facebook Page, we do our best to share quality resources. Know that though the path may be out of focus, the complexities yet unraveled … where you are is perfect. Keep asking the questions. Documenting the discoveries. Celebrating the growth. Embracing the MUSTakes. Enjoying the journey.

And … thank you for joining us!

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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Interested in the astrological energies currently at play … visit the Lunar Intentions Facebook Page regularly, we curate content from quality soul evolutionary astrologers to assist you along your journey.

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