Libra Lunar Eclipse

© Lunar Intentions – Libra Partial Lunar Eclipse

Are you experiencing this eclipse? Are you too holding life in balance, leading with heart, not sight … while bravely setting your sword to the side?

Do you feel the pull to tip the scales into domains unexplored? Relationships morphing before you … some leaving, others arriving?

Well, guess what … you’re not alone! As much as we may believe it, this lunar eclipse puts that to rest. It will show us how far we’ve come and bring rise to just what we need to move us one more giant leap forward. Are you poised for it? The Pisces Solar Eclipse on March 8th, and the deep seas we’ve crossed these last couple weeks, have assisted us in letting go of all that weighs our soul down. The time is now!

We here at Lunar Intentions are onboard for new frontiers … with others! We have been curating the best astrological nuggets on our Lunar Intentions Facebook Page. We share directly from the astrologer’s page and encourage interaction at the source … our intention is for Lunar Intentions to be a community!

There are several great projects in the works and this Libra Lunar Eclipse finds us in high spirits.

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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Artistic collaboration with Tempest Works.

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