Capricorn Last Quarter Square

© Lunar Intentions – Capricorn Last Quarter Moon

Well, we’ve made it three quarter’s way through this eclipse cycle. We have entered the phase of reorientation, our crisis of consciousness, where we are experiencing deep psychological change to break out of our personal pattern … for three and a half days. A time when it serves us to keep our feet on solid ground, while we dip our tails in the emotions of the sea, and initiate action that will inspire others.

Once our crisis of consciousness completes it’s course (this Sunday), we then move into the lunar phase where what existed prior to this cycle dies, we release it, we reflect, we rest, we regain as much energy as possible to aid us in fertilizing the soils to plant our Aries New Moon Intentions. The intentions that will manifest throughout this upcoming zodiac journey … as we travel, yet again, through the signs. From personal to transpersonal. Are you ready?

Earlier today we had an Aries Sun squaring our Capricorn Moon … cardinal fire in conflict with cardinal earth. With all of the other astrological energies added into the mix, it’s a wonder we found balance at all. Truly, the best resource for staying on top of the wave is our Lunar Intentions Facebook Page.

Included on that page are amazing resources to assist you in creating your intentions for the April 7th New Moon and navigate the month of April through all it’s transits. Follow along … follow your heart.

Jen Baptist
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