Aries Super New Moon

© Lunar Intentions – Aries Super New Moon

This share is happening well past the actual new moon event of April 7th, 2016 … and after nearly a week of all my websites being down. That is all I am going to say about that.

Paint me naive, but I never expected a new moon, even a SUPER new moon, to pack such a punch. Well, this one did … in my world. Then as I was getting my feet back under me, re-charting my course … I discovered something. Over and beyond all of the reality altering energies that are at play, this new moon is the culmination of THREE phases of powerful intentions I have enacted.

Let me spell that out a bit more. One of the inquires I’ve been in over the last several months of creating intentions is … do they play out together, do they align, do they build upon one another?

Specifically, the new moon eclipse last fall, the winter solstice, and the latest new moon total eclipse. Lunar Intentions was the intention planted on September 12th, 2015’s Solar Eclipse New Moon, at the 2015 Winter Solstice it was among other life altering intentions, and the March 8th Solar Eclipse New Moon found me healing deep wounds.

The phases of each of those intentions coalesced into one, with the winter solstice setting the tone. September’s intention is in the early phase of Distribution, the living out and sharing what I have found to be meaningful, which is being achieved through this site, my living through the process as it is being born. The winter solstice intentions are smack in the middle of the Crisis in Action Phase, resulting in outer crisis, due to breaking up of past conditions! BAM! And … within the super powerful March intentions, we are plunging spontaneously into new experiences and becoming a part of them.

Then we top it off with all of the other astrological energies at play, which again I can not recommend the Lunar Intentions Facebook Page enough for staying present to those, and this being the new moon for our next journey through the zodiac, in ARIES … it truly should come as no surprise this new moon meant business.

It calls for us to stand tall in our individuality, to emote to the universe the new ground we are forming beneath us is here to stay, and to heal the past.

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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