Taurus New Moon

© Lunar Intentions – Taurus New Moon

Exact on May 6, 2016, 16 degrees Taurus, at 12:29 pm Los Angeles, 8:29 pm London, and 5:29 am Sydney on May 7.

For the next 72 hours you have a window to imprint your intention upon the cosmos and employ the universal energies to bring your intentions to life!

What are those energies? Each New Moon is unique … be sure to check in with the Lunar Intentions Page, there are several QUALITY shares to guide you and give you access to the astrologers that crafted them.

How do you ‘imprint your intention upon the cosmos’? You form a connection with the element of the sign the moon is in, this one being earth, so place your feet within the soil or hold crystals as examples, and focus ALL of your being on the experience of your intention. Hold in your mind’s eye the vision. Hold in your heart the emotion. BE in the fulfillment of your intention!!

Do this as many times as possible over the next 72 hours … project your intentions into the universal field in waves.

What intentions are you creating with this Taurus New Moon?

As a cool side-note: this Taurus New Moon is within 2 degrees of the Winter Solstice New Moon on Dec 21, 2015, at 18 degrees Taurus. BOTH are Grand Earth Trines. So if you set an intention in motion at the solstice, you are planting this month’s in nearly the same space.

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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Artistic collaboration with Tempest Works.

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