Crescent Moon Phase

© Lunar Intentions – Cancer Crescent Moon

After projecting our intentions through the New Moon Phase, we enter into the Crescent Moon Phase where through listening and deliberate actions, we integrate the new in with the old. This commonly results in the experience of a struggle and holds the potential for breakthroughs.

Starting at 11:15pm Los Angeles (May 9th), 7:15am London, and 4:15pm Sydney on May 10th and continuing through to the Leo First Quarter Moon this Friday. This Crescent Moon is in the sign of Cancer which is a water sign and one known for deep emotions. We may find ourselves going inwards and connecting only with those closest to us.

To receive the most out of this phase, keep your heart and mind open to the universe revealing the beliefs you have that stand between you and the fulfillment of your intentions. These are at the core of every ‘struggle’. Review your assets and find what within you will help you to thrive. Stay present to the commitment behind your intention and plan for action … which will be here with the Leo First Quarter Moon on Friday.

In addition to the lunar cycle, there are a few potent astrological forces influencing us and the Lunar Intentions Page is committed to sharing quality posts, so be sure to visit the page to receive access to the larger picture.

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