Gibbous Moon Phase

© Lunar Intentions – Gibbous Moon Phase – Libra thru Scorpio

Phew! How was that for a crisis in action phase with the fire of Leo at our backs? With no planets in air for a fair stretch of it, did you feel like you were running out of breath, while creating powerful foundations to build your intentions upon? With the tail end of the phase feeling like a nice breeze blew in.

Welcome to the Gibbous Moon Phase, it begins close thereabouts to 12:28pm Los Angeles, 8:28pm London, and 5:28am Sydney (May 18th) and travels through Libra til ~Thursday and then Scorpio before entering Sagittarius right before the Full Moon this Saturday/Sunday.

The phases oscillate between action (exhale) and listen (inhale) and this phase is pivotal in the lunar cycle … it is the time for analysis and the release of self-judgement to solidify your intentions. What better signs than Libra, an air sign, that offers the possibility of cerebral balance and Scorpio, a water sign, that takes us deep into our shadow to regenerate with forgiveness to assist us along our path.

We have before us, for the next few days, the opportunity to take a deep breath and analyze all that our actions opened up. A time to revisit our visions. Reconnect with our emotional body and assess whether we are in alignment with our intentions. What is manifesting in our realities is but a skeleton of what we are creating … does it light you up, or does it feel heavy? Were your actions effective? Were they thwarted? What beliefs about yourself rose to the surface and are now clearly before you?

Those are the spaces to be reviewing, to be receptive to hearing, and to begin to discern the wheat from the chaff. Listen for those beliefs, they will come from within your mind, out of the mouths of others, in the events that unfold in our lives … they can even arrive through the grace of synchronicities, the Facebook post that hits the mark, a moment of unexpected beauty. The universe reaches us in the most profound of ways … all we need do is LISTEN. And, that is what this phase offers us … a time to listen and act upon that which calls us forth. This is the last of the instinctive phases (waxing) before we reach the Full Moon, when we receive, what we receive … nothing more, nothing less.  Be it the manifestation of our intention or the breakdown that hits home that which stands between us and what we are intending.

This is your moment to steer the rudder to bring this ship home, hold true to your intention, listen with compassion for self and others, and give up judgement! Take discerning actions. Believe.

We’ve got much of the cosmos at our backs, a grand earth trine grounding us, and a powerful Sagittarius Full Moon on the horizon. Be sure to stay abreast of it all by following the Lunar Intentions Facebook Page … where there is a steady stream of quality assessments of the stars, direct from the astrologers that create them.

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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