Disseminating Moon Phase

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With the moon in Capricorn we enter into the Disseminating Moon Phase for this lunar cycle, which lends itself well to the introspection this phase calls for. We are given the opportunity to review and further our intention after the full moon adjustments we’ve been engaging in.

Being an earth sign our emotions will be palpably real, and with the Capricorn’s ability to think impersonally, those combined influences will empower us to step back into the visceral experience of our intention and gain insight to how it benefits the collective. The universal key … given we are all one.

Then on Thursday, the moon glides into Aquarius and the Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune “t-square” dominates the space. At a time when what we previously knew to be the foundations of our existence dissolve beneath our feet, we are being called to presence ourselves to the knowledge we have gained through our experience and share it with others.

This is an action phase, a time when physical movement will aide in breaking through the blocks and processing emotion. It will carry us through the greater portion of the weekend … a generally social time, which is perfect! It’s Memorial Day Weekend here in the USA no less.

The final 7 hours or so of the phase the moon enters into Pisces, the sign of this cycle’s last quarter square, bringing in an increase of emotions and a receptivity to other peoples’ feelings … beautifully tempering the tendency to let our idealism slip into self-righteousness.

What lessons have you learned these last two weeks? How have you transformed? The dissemination of that shift into the collective consciousness is what will fuel your intentions.

Intentions come into being through the pull of our beliefs and each lunar cycle is an opportunity to transform the beliefs that impede their fulfillment.

Over these last two weeks those beliefs have been revealed, we have been given the opportunity to accept/surrender to them, and move forward. For the next three days or so, we have the window to seal the deal … by spreading their transformation throughout the universal mind.

Without sharing they are unable to fully transform your world, they become just an epiphany of one mind, they fail to take root in the collective consciousness, and are denied the ability to INSPIRE … which is the emotional space where the magic happens.

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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