Gemini New Moon

© Lunar Intentions – Gemini New Moon thru Cancer and Leo

Your opportunity to focus your intentions and harvest the mutable energies aligning in the cosmos … is NOW!

The new moon is exact on June 4, 2016, 14 degrees Gemini, at 7:59 pm Los Angeles, 3:59 am London, and 12:59 pm Sydney on June 5th … and for the next 72 hours you have a window to imprint your intentions upon the cosmos and employ the universal energies to bring them to life!

Focus. Given all of the mutability within the skies and our lives, that state is currently elusive … to say the least. Intending a future, when our present is shifting and we our challenged to let go of what once defined our world, is as much an opportunity as it is a challenge. Like the Gemini’s in the center of the storm, the access lies in co-joining with our opposite half. To go within, embrace the light, love the darkness, align with our individual expression of the divine. Find our true self … what better way than to have the disingenuous bits ripped away like a tornado.  Let them GO! Stand in the eye of the storm, accepting all that you are, and focus your energy on intending your future.

This Gemini New Moon is offering additional support to intentions that create connection. To empower us to find our tribe. To network and find truth through communion. To unite the universal consciousness in the here and now … through community. To empower others to heal their inner child and find a deeper truth. A time for the students to become the teachers.

How do you ‘imprint your intention upon the cosmos’? You form a connection with the element of the sign the moon is in, this one being air, which plays out in our thoughts and breath, so write down your intentions in vivid detail, draw images, and with it being a Gemini New Moon … verbally share them with others. Over the next 72 hours … project your intentions into the universal field in waves.  Hold in your mind’s eye the vision. Hold in your heart the emotion. BE in the fulfillment of your intention!!

The first day of this New Moon Phase is perfect for sociability as the moon completes it’s transit of Gemini, then we spend two days in the energy of Cancer … a time of increased emotions, vulnerability and touchiness. Our need for seclusion could become quite strong, and there is a desire to communicate only with those closest to you. Honor it. Dig deep.

Then the final ~12 hours of the phase we project into the lunar frequencies of Leo. We step into the desire to be noticed, appreciated, and to feel we are the center of other people’s attention. There is a stronger than usual desire to hear praise, and our emotions can be expressed vividly and openly. This is a good time to perform and appear on stage, to play, create and do everything which inspires you and lets you express your inner self.

Remember the magic happens, the ‘realer’ your intentions are, the more tangible you make them, the further you share. So project away and hold onto your hat … the winds of change are whipping around us all!!!

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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