Virgo First Quarter Square

© Lunar Intentions – Virgo First Quarter Square thru Scorpio

It’s been like a slow boil … leading up this Virgo First Quarter Square. The moon has been in the sign of Virgo for nearly 2 days and will continue for another 8 hours after the First Quarter Square, creating a sea of fault-finding and desires for orderliness. How’s that workin for ya?

This Virgo First Quarter Square occurs on June 12, 2016 at 1:09 am Los Angeles, 9:09 am London, and 6:09 pm Sydney and is reactivating the mutable squares dominating the cosmos right now. All leading up to an intense, rare second in a row, Sagittarius Full Moon … AND on the Summer Solstice – the Full Moon of our Winter Solstice Intentions on June 20th/21st.

Well, if there ever was a time to take it one step at a time … this is it! Just make them bold steps! ‘Cuz these next few days will make all the difference. The magic of this lunar phase lives in ACTION, intentional action. Set aside time to envision what you are creating, frequently. Heck, draw a picture and tack it in view.

After the Virgo moon passes on Sunday, our emotions and way of being shift into Libra energy and although we become more social, we are prone to doubts and hesitation. Both of which can stifle the actions necessary. Listen not to any of those thoughts, yours or others. Follow the fire in your heart! Take discerning actions to support your intentions … listen to/follow the impulses that feel light/easy, save the ones that feel heavy/hard for later (if possible).

The final day leading up to the Gibbous Phase, that starts early on Thursday, has the moon’s influence entering into Scorpio energy and we begin to have a more emotionally difficult time. There is increased jealousy, greediness, envy and other negative feelings.  Again, a time when the actions that may occur for us are not aligned with our heart/intention and we are best to focus on discernment.

Said succinctly … listen not to thought or emotion, follow your intuition, and take actions that LIGHT you up!

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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