Sagittarius Blue Moon

© Lunar Intentions – Sagittarius Full Blue Moon thru Aquarius

You know what they say … “only once in a blue moon.” Well this one is super charged! Within a window of less then 12 hours there is MUCH coming into alignment and reaching culmination in the cosmos. We are awash in energy of change and self-actualization. It’s been an intense last several days and if you are anything like me, the shifts are coming in like waves … some landing in glee, others pulling me into the sea, and just when I break the surface again, another is there to greet me.

Full moons are a time for manifestations and illuminations. And for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice is culminating at the same time, which makes this a double whammy! Add in the multitude of conjunctions, squares, oppositions, grand squares, and trines coalescing in the skies right now, no matter where you are on this planet, it’s a bit like an earthquake in the middle of a fireworks display. All we can do is hold our ground and see what pops up. Celebrate and Release!

Once the dust settles we will have several days to make adjustments to keep our intentions on track under the influence of a Capricorn Moon (resourcefulness) and Aquarius Moon (individualization). A window of time to think before acting or to surrender and let go … an opportunity to follow our hearts, which the Cancer Sun will lovingly support in her motherly fashion. Let’s hope it’s not tough love.

Make no mistake (really it’s not even possible) … this is an active time, a period of active presence, and introspective listening. The key is to remain open to it! To be quick to let what may be, be … and look for the silver lining, even if it isn’t a shining piece in your hand. It is from the space of gratitude we then have the opportunity to perfect. To fine tune. To set down and leave well enough alone. Be what may, pick up our bounty and move forward.

Many blessed wishes to you … may this full moon bring your intentions to life beyond your wildest dreams!

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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