Aries Last Quarter Square

© Lunar Intentions – Last Quarter Moon in Aries thru Gemini

Welcome to harvest time. The ~3.5 days in a lunar cycle where we simultaneously have the opportunity to reap what we’ve sown and be responsible for the bounty it may, or may not, be. The reaping of anything requires action and these days are the time to invest in … or come home empty handed. An opportunity to reach, to be bold, to do what you know you have to … to bring your intentions to life.

This phase is commonly referred to as the ‘crisis of consciousness’, where you recognize how far you have, or have not, come, and wonder … what actions can I take to make the difference? Be it working hard in a last sprint. Adjusting course. Accepting responsibility. Letting go … or going for the big risk!

We are initiated into this phase with a Last Quarter Square (tension) between the Cancer Sun (nurturing others/self-care) and the Aries Moon (audaciousness) and after that initial conflict, we spend a couple days in the higher energy of Aries before transiting into Taurian times.

The Taurian Moon on Wednesday will have us reconnecting with our senses and focusing on the pleasures of life … deliberately. We will feel inclined to spend our time getting things done. As Mars stations direct no less. Oh my! Will you be like a charging bull … or out to pasture?

After this four day spurt to break out of our past personal patterns, we spend an hour in Gemini (changeability) to support in the manifestations of our dreams … just as the last phase of the Lunar Cycle begins and we are reborn to start another cycle with the New Moon in Cancer on July 4th.

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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