Crescent Moon Phase

© Lunar Intentions – Crescent Moon Phase – Virgo thru Libra
© Lunar Intentions – Crescent Moon Phase – Virgo thru Libra

Warning … rough seas ahead! We are entering into the Crescent Moon Phase, where through listening and deliberate actions, we integrate the new in with the old. This commonly results in the experience of a struggle and creates the opportunity for healing.

After projecting our intentions during a powerful Cancer New Moon, be they intentional or otherwise (for unbeknownst to many, whatever we focus our attention on and emote greatly during a new moon becomes our intention), over these next ~4 days we will encounter instances of perceived breakdowns. That are doors to breakthroughs.

For you see, once set in motion, there is an unofficial universal law that pulls toward and/or reveals to us that which impedes our intended future. It’s like a universal authority that’s saying ‘you want that … well, things have to shift’ and ultimately those ‘things’ are rooted in our beliefs. Our life experience is nothing more than a projection of our beliefs and when we transform our beliefs … what was once not working, becomes open to new possibilities.

The challenge exists in uncovering the beliefs and letting go of attachments to anything/one that breaks away during said ‘shift’. For it is when we hang on … that we suffer.

The astrological sign of the moon influences our emotions, personality, and daily activity … and the first 2.5 days of this lunar phase we will be experiencing Virgo energy. Which means, today through early morning Sunday, we will be prone to focusing on practical matters, going over things with a fine tooth comb, being quick to find solution, and at ease while accepting what needs to be sacrificed for the big picture … or the flip-side, picky, overly analytical, and unable to let loose. You choose.

On Sunday, up until and throughout the First Quarter Square on Monday, the moon transits Libra and the energy will shift into wanting to achieve emotional balance. Relationships become the focus, and we may spend time analyzing our relationships, trying to get them just right. A good moon to make compromises, with ourselves and with others.

Both these lunar transits beautifully support where we are at in this cycle!

To receive the most out of this phase, keep your heart and mind open to the universe revealing the beliefs you have that stand between you and the fulfillment of your intentions. These are at the core of every ‘struggle’. Review your assets and find what within you will help you to thrive. Stay present to the commitment behind your intention and plan for action … which will be here with the Libra First Quarter Moon on Monday.

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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