Capricorn Full Moon

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You know what they say … “you win some, you loose some.” Full moon’s are best known for manifestations and illuminations. Well, this Capricorn Full Moon is bringing this lunar cycle’s dance with the transformational planets Pluto and Uranus to a crescendo with obvious loss or solid manifestations … and promises to be a shocker.

Although the moon reaches ‘full’ at 3:56 pm Los Angeles, 11:56 pm London, and 8:56 am Sydney (July 20th) the effects of these forces have been in play in the week leading up to it … and will continue for at least a week after.

What are those ‘effects’? Phew! Let’s start at the beginning of this cycle … when the Moon (our emotional self) aligned with the Sun (our identity), Mercury (communication), and Venus (love) in the sign of our maternal home (Cancer) sitting opposite the transformational, truth-seeking Pluto in Capricorn (personal achievement) and we cast an intention to materialize our experience of ‘security’. Deep stuff!

Well, now we’ve reached the point of culmination, with the Sun (Self) in the final degrees of Cancer (matured maternal love – aka self-love) and the Moon (emotional wellbeing) in the later degrees of Capricorn (success in life) … squaring Uranus (breaking away) in Aries (‘I am’). We are being asked to release that which does not support our genuine Self and fully align with what is ‘real’ in our world to manifest our intentions. Hot damn!

The window of a full moon (12 hours before and after) is one of the most powerful opportunities to actively release things that are not serving your greater ‘good’ and take action toward that which will. Given ‘good’ is a relative term and this is an active choice … only you know what there is to release and what actions to take. Listen to your intuition. This is the perfect time to purge/act … the forces in the cosmos speak to it’s success!

After the break/actualize, we will have several days to perfect our intentions under the influence of an airy Aquarius Moon (individualization). A time to think before acting, while surrendering … an opportunity to follow our hearts, while the Sun transits into Leo (self-actualization). We simmer here over two days … PERFECT! The final day of this Perfecting Phase has the moon transiting Pisces and gives us the space to retreat back into our dreamier, romantic side and internalize the shift.

Make no mistake (really it’s not even possible) … this is an active time, a period of active presence, and introspective listening. The key is to remain open to it! To be quick to let what may be, be … and look for the silver lining, even if it isn’t a shining piece in your hand. It is from the space of gratitude we then have the opportunity to perfect. To fine tune. To set down and leave well enough alone. Be with what may be, pick up our bounty … and move forward.

Many blessed wishes to you … may this full moon bring your intentions to life beyond your wildest dreams!

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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