Taurus Last Quarter Square

© Lunar Intentions – Last Quarter Moon in Taurus thru Gemini

Time seems to have slowed. Just hours ago the moon landed in Taurus, which places us in a sensual space for this lunar cycle’s Last Quarter Square with the Leo Sun … centered around the Cancer New Moon intentional lens of security.

This phase is commonly referred to as the ‘crisis of consciousness’, where you recognize how far you have, or have not, come, and wonder … what needs to change to make the difference? AND are challenged with taking the actions necessary to bridge the gap.

The tension of the waning square between increased sensation and practicality coming from the Taurus Moon, which in of itself exudes ‘security’, with the blaze of the Leo Sun fueling our bold self-expression … creates a psychological conflict in the status quo of our survival. What has arisen that challenges your comfort zone?

Where are you at in manifesting, or not, a new realm of security in your world? How has your view and/or the experience of it transformed in your life since July 4th? What needs to change to have your reality become aligned with your intended expression of security?

Well, after the initial conflict of the square, we spend a couple days in Taurian times. The Taurus Moon will have us reconnecting with our senses and focusing on the pleasures of life … deliberately. We will feel inclined to spend our time getting things done, and given Taurus’ ruling of money, actions improving our financial security may be in order.

Then on Thursday, the moon whirls into Gemini skies for 2 days and along with the social pace of life increasing, the winds of our mental state will increase. We may become restless and communications will flow.

Theses next ~3.5 days are when tangible results have the potential to manifest! A time where we simultaneously have the opportunity to reap what we’ve sown and be responsible for the bounty it may, or may not, be. The reaping of anything requires action and these days are the time to invest in … or come home empty handed. An opportunity to reach, to be bold, to do what you know you have to … to bring your intentions to life.

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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