Pisces Moon – Perfecting Phase

© Lunar Intentions – Pisces Full Moon

Within hours of a highly disruptive Aquarius Full Moon, we dive into the deep waters of Pisces to achieve perfection. The manifestations and illuminations continue to shine through the stormy seas for a spell, then we are called to swim towards our destiny.

Under the full rays of our consciousness being focused on our individual expression (Leo Sun) and our unconsciousness (Pisces Moon) washing us in the transformative currents of belief and intuition, we have 2.5 days to perfect our intentions … both initiated with the Leo New Moon that began this cycle and those planted in the Pisces Super Moon Solar Eclipse on March 8th, 2016.

Your seas will be greatly influenced by the House Pisces rules in your birthprint, expressed through the element of the Moon (water = emotions), and colored with the energy of any planets and the aspects activated in that space at the time of your birth.

For some this may occur as a still lake, others coastal waters during a storm. It is a time to think before acting, while surrendering … an opportunity to follow our hearts, with intention. With the Sun transiting through the later degrees of Leo (self-actualization), we are being called to trust we have within us all we need to reach the shore of our dreams.

This is an active time, a period of powerful presence, and introspective listening … PERFECT for Pisces. The key is to remain fluid! To be quick to let what may be, be … and look for the silver lining. While swimming in gratitude, we have the opportunity to perfect. To fine tune. To find our own course and leave well enough alone. To go with OUR own flow!!!

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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