Aries Moon – Disseminating Phase

© Lunar Intentions – Aries Disseminating Moon

Do you feel the fire within you building? Is your self-expression ready to erupt? Well, it’s just a phase. Really. The cosmic forces are aligning and sensitivities are aflame as we enter into this lunar cycle’s Disseminating Phase.

The moon, our conduit to the subconscious, moves into Aries at the time of this post and a harmonious union between the fire signs of I AM (Aries Moon) and I WILL (Leo Sun) coalesce to ignite our fighting spirit, full of noble intentions, and regal demeanor. Fueling the fight for our destiny, which brings out our inner idealist, a fighter strong on truth and justice.

Your cauldron will be greatly influenced by the house(s) Aries/Leo rule in your birthprint, expressed through the element of the moon (fire = passion), and fueled further with the energy of any planets and the aspects activated in that space at the time of your birth. The intentions at play are those you initiated at the Leo New Moon and on the Aries Super New Moon on April 4, 2016.

This inner combustion correlates to the Disseminating Moon Phase, a time associated with introspection and healing. Through living out or letting go … then sharing with others what we’ve found to be meaningful. Disseminating, distributing, teaching, sharing … all leading to healing. What is your purpose? What are you healing?

This is a time when movement will aide in breaking through the blocks and processing emotion … and transiting Aries/Leo is PERFECT! Over the weekend we will be in a space where our energy is greater, which is ideal for physical activity. Add in the Leo Sun and we will feel bold and courageous in our self-expression!

What lessons have you learned these last two weeks? How have you transformed? What do you stand for in this world? The dissemination of that shift into the collective consciousness is what will fuel your intentions. Intentions come into being through the pull of our beliefs, brought to life in our conscious mind, and each lunar cycle is an opportunity to transform the beliefs that impede their fulfillment.

Over these last two weeks those beliefs have been revealed, we have been given the opportunity to accept/surrender to them, and move forward. For the next three days or so, we have the window to seal the deal … by spreading their transformation throughout the universal mind.

Without sharing we are unable to fully transform our world, our insights become merely an epiphany of one mind, they fail to take root in the collective consciousness, and are denied the ability to INSPIRE … which is the emotional space where the magic happens.

We here at Lunar Intentions are committed to providing you the space to share and connect, so feel free to express yourself in the comments below. Inspire us all!

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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