Pisces First Quarter Square

© Lunar Intentions – Pisces First Quarter Square
© Lunar Intentions – Pisces First Quarter Square

With an astrological pattern of a ‘cradle’/’bowl’ creating harmonious flow of energy in the cosmos … all being grounded/transformed through our hearts by a t-square to Pluto and Venus moving through the final degrees in Capricorn, we are facing the final square of the energies we created in the Piscean Space at the Solar Eclipse (March 2016) and balanced during the last Lunar Eclipse (September 2016). Like a fish in a current, with fluid motion, we will have the opportunity to reconcile our connection to source with our ambitions for the future!

Leading up to the square that peaks on Wednesday December 7, 2016 at 1:02 am Los Angeles, 9:02 am London, and 8:02 pm Sydney, we remain in the ‘Struggle Phase’. A time where situations in your life confront you to the point of action/release. Where through conscious listening and deliberate actions, we have access to integrating our intentions into our reality. This commonly results in the experience of a struggle and creates the opportunity for healing, then for a day after the square, we move into the Action Phase … a time to move forward.

Keeping in mind the intentions squaring off are the ones created at the beginning of this lunar cycle on the Sagittarius New Moon taking aim at our grandest futures and those imprinted during the Pisces Solar Eclipse New Moon on March 8th, 2016 when we emoted our individual expression within the universal consciousness. For the day leading up to the square, we will continue to encounter instances of perceived breakdowns playing out in the areas of life depicted by the house those degrees occupy in your chart. Then the day after, we will be challenged to take discerning actions to break up the past and move towards our intentions.

For you see, once set in motion, there is an unofficial universal law that pulls toward and/or reveals to us that which impedes our intended future. It’s like a universal authority that’s saying ‘you want that … well, things have to shift’ and ultimately those ‘things’ are rooted in our beliefs. Our life experience is nothing more than a projection of our beliefs and when we transform our beliefs … what was once not working, becomes open to new possibilities.

The challenge exists in uncovering the beliefs and letting go of attachments to anything/one that breaks away during said ‘shift’. For it is when we hang on … that we suffer. Lucky for us, or maybe not so lucky, every lunar transit our beliefs manifest in our lives through the interplay between the sun (conscious) and moon (subconscious) energies. Right now the sun is in Sagittarius and the moon is in Pisces.

The sun is the source of creative energy, forming our conscious mind, and while in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius we explore new horizons, seeking truth, with perseverance and optimism. Our nature is expansive. We see opportunity and are energized by the journey … rather than the end result. A vision of what is possible motivates us outside our comfort zones and our joy radiates from within. We are drawn to aim higher and have the drive to manifest our dreams.

The moon is the conduit to the subconscious and is activated by the sun’s energy to shape our perceptions from the beliefs stored in that space. Those beliefs have been planted there every new moon throughout our lives (history) by our energetic state and what we were emoting. Both on an individual and collective level. Collectively, the subconscious experience of Pisces is soft, we find ourselves drifting into dreamlands, wanting to be alone, and more vulnerable with others. We sense the interconnectedness of our world and we are more empathetic/compassionate. Our moods change with the tides and our personal boundaries blur. Imagination sweeps us away and artistic expression flows.

Remember, individually all of the energies you experience are focused through the imprint made at your birth by the presence of planets, their aspects, and the house placement within each sign … from both the sun (Sagittarius) and the moon (Pisces). The resonance of that energy is determined by your beliefs, emoted with each new moon, whether they were created intentionally, or not … and the manifestations of those energies will occur in your life according to the houses.

What was happening in your life at the beginning of the year on March 8th, 2016? What were your dominant emotions? What beliefs are you encountering … right now? What houses do Sagittarius and Pisces occupy in your chart?

These energetic influences are yours to RECREATE by who you are being in your conscious mind (Sagittarius Sun – your faith) and your responses to unconscious perception (Pisces Moon – your dreams) as the moon is NOW in the sign of Pisces. You are shaping your future life experience and have access to bring your energetic being into alignment with a higher state … by being conscious of the energies at play and intentionally shifting who you’re being!

Events over the next several days will reveal your beliefs through what is playing out in your life. Giving you an opportunity to be responsible for them, forgive yourself and others, and intentionally transform them through the face-off between Sagittarius and Pisces energies.

To receive the most out of this phase, keep your heart and mind open to the universe revealing the beliefs you have that stand between you and the fulfillment of your intentions. These are at the core of every ‘struggle’. Review your assets and find what within you will help you to thrive. Stay present to the commitment behind your intention and take swift action after the First Quarter Square peaks!

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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