Gemini Moon – Action Phase

© Lunar Intentions – Gemini First Quarter Moon
© Lunar Intentions – Gemini First Quarter Moon

Hold on to your hats … things are apt to take flight! As the moon transits Gemini space several aspects form bringing new life to the ongoing powerhouse of transformation instigated by the Jupiter/Uranus opposition, Pluto/Mercury t-square restructuring our identities, relationships, and society. In divine timing, they come together just before Jupiter goes retrograde and harmoniously herald in the energetic shift, by forming a Grand Air Trine and Mystical Rectangle of fire and air. An astrological configuration to let off steam if there ever was one … with Mercury in the final degrees of Capricorn as it’s squares break away.  With a high dose of mental clarity, we will be passionately stirred to take discerning actions to break up the past and move towards our intentions.

Those intentions being the ones cast during the powerful Aquarius New Moon reconnecting you with your personal sovereignty, while standing for innovative solutions for all and those emoted on the June 4, 2016 Gemini New Moon conjunct Venus, as part of an impressive Grand Mutable Cross. The astrological energies surrounding that Gemini New Moon offered additional support to intentions that create connection. Empowering us to find our tribe. To network and find truth through communion. To unite the universal consciousness in the here and now … through community. To empower others to heal their inner child and find a deeper truth. A time for the students to become the teachers.

This phase is an action packed dance between those two intentions. The Gemini Moon, fueled by the Aquarian Sun, will have us boldly stepping into ACTION! And, in the face a of perceived ‘crisis in action’ … we have the opportunity to bring forth the courage to take actions to manifest our intentions.

The sun is the source of creative energy, forming our conscious mind, and while in the fixed air sign of Aquarius we are energized, innovative, and social. Our independent expression has us breaking from tradition and aspiring to improve societal issues. Being visionary in nature, we inspire at the community level. Accomplishment is achieved in groups and projects benefiting the majority will be blessed.

The moon is the conduit to the subconscious and is activated by the sun’s energy to shape our perceptions from the beliefs stored in that space. Those beliefs have been planted there every new moon throughout our lives (all history) by our energetic state and what we were emoting. Both on an individual and collective level. Collectively, the subconscious experience of Gemini energy has us being more social. We become restless, want to keep things light/merry, and communications flow. We defuse situations with humor. Our mental faculties begin buzzing and we are dancing with possibilities.

Individually all of the energies you experience are focused through the imprint made at your birth by the presence of planets, their aspects, and the house placement within each sign … from both the sun (Aquarius) and the moon (Gemini). The resonance of that energy is determined by your beliefs, emoted with each new moon, whether they were created intentionally, or not … and the manifestations of those energies will occur in your life according to the houses the sun and moon are activating.

How did the Gemini SUPER Full Moon disrupt your world on December 12th, 2016? What were your dominant emotions? What beliefs are you encountering … right now? What houses do Aquarius and Gemini rule in your chart? Events over the next several days will reveal those beliefs through what is playing out in your life. Giving you an opportunity to be responsible for them, forgive yourself and others, and intentionally transform them through the activity of this Action Phase.

These energetic influences are yours to RECREATE BY HOW YOU ARE BEING! Events over the next several days will reveal your beliefs through what is playing out in your life. Giving you an opportunity to be responsible for them, forgive yourself and others, and intentionally heal your consciousness through achieving a new balance between Aquarius and Gemini energies … between what you know to benefit the collective and what you think about the world around you.

The actions you take these next couple days will make all the difference! The magic of this lunar phase lives in ACTION … intentional action. Set aside time to meditate on what you are creating, frequently. Hold in your heart the experience of the future fulfilled. Seek and find in your present world ways in which your intention already exists, focus your gratitude and attention there … while envisioning an expanded version to come. This is a perfect time to eliminate things from our lives that stand between us and our desired experience of truth … not a time to obsess, a time to take swift action.

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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