Leo Lunar Eclipse

© Lunar Intentions – Leo Lunar Eclipse
© Lunar Intentions – Leo Lunar Eclipse

Given all the ranting about how powerful, magical, fated, life-changing this Leo Lunar Eclipse is, you may be left to wonder how to achieve focus and harness the energies for your soul’s benefit? Well, start with the kites! The planets at the top of both sextiles set the stage for what forces are at play (i.e. Jupiter in Libra is our beliefs in relationships and the Sun in Aquarius is our higher SELF in community), the areas of life they play out is determined by the houses those planets occupy in your chart, and the start of each ‘arrow’ is the place in our world for action.

Doesn’t get more Leo than this … with the sky ablaze in a Grand Fire Trine, at the heart of TWO Kites, promoting high energy toward the purest, positive, creative expression of the element fire, which is active, self-confident, social, idealistic, dramatic, and INTENSE. Those Kites are extraordinary opportunities for growth, creative change, and metamorphosis, with the opposition spurring the use of attributes offered by the grand trine … focusing the direction for action on the planet opposite the sextile. ALL tapping into the Jupiter/Uranus opposition, Pluto t-square restructuring our identities, relationships, and society, while the higher mind (Mercury in Aquarius) is in harmony with our identity’s body and heart (Mars/Venus in Aries) and the Mystic Rectangle and Cradle formations magically bring it all into harmony.

Specifically, this lunar eclipse offers an amazing opportunity for each of us to reconcile the creative expression of our individual freedom in relationships with others (Libra/Uranus Opposition) and our higher self guiding our free will (Sun/Moon Opposition) … by taking actions in integrity with our faith (Saturn in Sagittarius) in the area of life of our charts where Uranus and the moon currently reside.

Full moon’s are best known for manifestations and illuminations!! And although the moon reaches ‘full’ and peaks on February 10th, 2017 at 4:31 pm Los Angeles, 12:31 am London, and 11:31 am Sydney on February 11th, 2017, due to the eclipse … the effects of these forces started two weeks ago and will continue through to the Pisces Solar Eclipse on February 26, 2017.

The window of a full moon (12 hours before and after) is one of the most powerful opportunities to actively release things that are not serving your highest potential along the axis the opposition activates and to take actions to align your world with your intentions. This is a spectrum and an active creation … only you know what there is to release and what actions to take. Listen to your intuition. This is the perfect time to purge/act … the forces in the cosmos speak to it’s success!

Make no mistake (really it’s not even possible) … this is an active time, a period of presence, and introspective listening. A golden opportunity to embrace everything that triggers you as an illumination to a belief about yourself to be healed through self-love. The key is to remain open to it! To be quick to let what may be, be … and look for the silver lining, even if it isn’t a shining piece in your hand. It is from the space of gratitude we then have the freedom to perfect. To fine tune. To set down and leave well enough alone. Be with what may be, pick up our bounty … and move forward.

Many blessed wishes to you … may this lunar eclipse bring your intentions to life beyond your wildest dreams!

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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