Pisces Solar Eclipse

© Lunar Intentions – Pisces Solar Eclipse
© Lunar Intentions – Pisces Solar Eclipse

The opportunity to focus your intentions on breaking through that which stands between you and unconditional LOVE … starts NOW! Your very being during the next few days will trigger life events over the next 6 months that will bring your life into alignment with fulfilling that expression … for the ‘good’ or ‘bad’, higher or lower frequencies, love or fear. You choose.

The Pisces Solar Eclipse (new moon) is exact on February 26, 2017, 8 degrees Pisces, at 6:53 am Los Angeles, 2:53 pm London, and 1:53 am Sydney on February 27th … and as the dark moon enters Pisces, things will begin to get slippery/weird/fated, and after the eclipse, the window to imprint your intentions upon the cosmos and employ the universal energies to bring them to life opens! With the most potent time being within 12 hours of the new moon.

The sun is the source of creative energy, forming our conscious mind, and while in the mutable water sign of Pisces we are compassionate, intuitive, and connected to all. Our emotional being is focused on integrating all of the spiritual developments we’ve amassed over the last 11 solar transits and is beginning to dream of what the next year will bring. As the fish swimming in opposite directions, as one, we will swim in circles between what we believe to be true about ourselves and what we perceive to be outside us … to achieve an elevated state of being to begin another soul evolutionary trip through the Zodiac at the sun’s ingress into Aries.

The moon is the conduit to the subconscious and is activated by the sun’s energy to shape our perceptions from the beliefs stored in that space. Those beliefs have been planted there every new moon throughout our lives (all history) by our energetic state and what we were emoting. Both on an individual and collective level. Collectively, the subconscious experience of Pisces is soft, we find ourselves drifting into dreamlands, wanting to be alone, and more vulnerable with others. We sense the interconnectedness of our world and we are more empathetic/compassionate. Our moods change with the tides and our personal boundaries blur. Imagination sweeps us away and artistic expression flows.

When the sun and moon align at the new moon, we have the opportunity to consciously project our intentions upon that space and heal what we’ve imprinted there in the past. Add in an eclipse causing the veil between the conscious and subconscious to drop further, the conjunction to Neptune/South Node, as part of an Pisces Stellium including Chiron … the potential becomes IMMENSE for cosmic healing. The culmination of the last several years of eclipses in Pisces offering spiritual purification and ascension to spiritual warriors all over the globe.

Individually all of the energies you experience are focused through the imprint made at your birth by the presence of planets, their aspects, and the house placement at the degree the moon and sun join (8 degrees Pisces – “I believe”). The resonance of that energy is determined by your beliefs, emoted with each new moon, whether they were created intentionally, or not … and the manifestations of those energies will occur in your life according to the house the sun and moon are activating.

These energetic influences are yours to RECREATE by being conscious about how you are being. You are intentionally shaping your future experience and have access to bringing your energetic body into alignment with a higher state … by remaining aware of the energies at play and intentionally shifting who you’re BEING! An emotive state, created by our beliefs shaping our perceptions, shaped/fueled by our thoughts, and leading to actions that define our world.

How do you ‘imprint your intentions upon the cosmos’? You form a connection with the element of the sign the moon is in, this one being water, which immerses us in emotion! Over the next 72 hours … every chance you get project your intentions into the universal field in waves. Envision in your mind’s eye your intentions existing in your life. Consciously be grateful for all instances, big or small, of it occurring in the NOW. Hold in your heart the emotions evoked. BE in the fulfillment of your intention!! Being near the ocean (ruler of Neptune/Pisces) all the better!!!!

Remember the magic happens, the ‘realer’ your intentions are, the more tangible you make them, the further you share. Meditate. Journal. Draw a visual depiction. In addition to meditation, drawing is one of the most powerful manifestation tools available. Vividly sharing with others, til they can passionately relate is the best!

As an important note – the placement of the degree of each new moon in your chart ‘activates’ that energetic blueprint upon your personal astrology. At the most basic level, we all have 8th degree of Pisces in one of our houses and others may have placements stationed, opposite, square to that degree. Whatever the case may be, including those areas into this moon’s intentions gives your soul’s evolution more potential. On the other side of the coin … it may also give a bit more PUNCH to your lunar phases this cycle. You’ve been warned.

All the best!!!

Jen Baptist
Just Jenuine Creations

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