Virgo Moon – Action Phase

© Lunar Intentions – Virgo First Quarter Moon

Like an employee receiving our performance review, we are facing some tough realities in need of deep transformation (Mars/Pluto conjunct in Capricorn), while our Venusian pursuits are given greater opportunity and reopen for analysis (Virgo Moon square Venus in Gemini) … just in time to hit a wall (Mercury in Aries square Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn), or NOT. This a pass, no pass window. A check in with a HIGHER POWER, manifesting in power imbalances in the world around you. Solidly grounded we have substantive energy to push for what we want, by holding true to our values, both personally and within the collective as we are called into action these days leading up to the Scorpio Full Moon (Sun trine Saturn Rx sextile Moon) on April 29, 2018.

Remaining focused on the intentions cast during last year’s Taurus New Moon (April 26, 2017), when we realigned with our values and those emoted on September 19, 2017 into the Virgo New Moon… where we projected our personal truth into the universe and authentically expressed how we intend to be of service in the world. This Virgo Moon is an action packed dance between those two intentions. As the waxing moon gains momentum toward the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon, use the grounded energy of the Taurus Sun to methodically step into effective ACTION! Remaining conscious of the fact that in the face of breakdown … we have the opportunity to stand firm in our personal values and to step out of our comfort zones to manifest our intentions.

Individually all of the energies you experience are focused through the imprint made at your birth by the presence of planets, their aspects, and the house placement within each sign … from both the sun (Taurus – “I have”) and the moon (Virgo – “I analyze”). The resonance of that energy is determined by your beliefs, emoted with each new moon, whether they were created intentionally, or not … and the manifestations of those energies will occur in your life according to the houses the sun and moon are activating. Right now the sun is in Taurus and the moon is in Virgo.

The sun is the source of creative energy, forming our conscious mind, and while in the fixed earth sign of Taurus we are methodical, determined, deliberate, and feed our senses with pleasure. Our emotional being is grounded. We surround ourselves in creature comforts. What we value takes root through our commitments. Our actions are effective in securing what we desire. We are loyal to all we hold dear and meet resistance with power. Creating the foundation of our world.

The moon is the conduit to the subconscious and is activated by the sun’s energy to shape our perceptions from the beliefs stored in that space. Those beliefs have been planted there every new moon throughout our lives (all history) by our energetic state and what we were emoting. Both on an individual and collective level. Collectively, the subconscious experience of Virgo is productive activity. We operate with purpose, our rational minds lead, and we accomplish tasks with ease. So long as we keep our critical thoughts to a minimum.

Events over the next several days will reveal your beliefs through what is playing out in your life. Giving you an opportunity to be responsible for them, forgive yourself and others, and intentionally heal your consciousness through achieving a new balance of Taurus and Virgo energies … between being comfortable and in service of others.

The actions you take these next couple days will make all the difference! The magic of this lunar phase lives in ACTION … intentional action. Set aside time to meditate on what you are creating, frequently. Hold in your heart the experience of the future fulfilled. Seek and find in your present world ways in which your intention already exists, focus your gratitude and attention there … while envisioning an expanded version to come and taking powerful action in the present.


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