Libra Moon – Analysis Phase

Still aching from deep within, we are weighing a heavy load in our relationship to the world. We feel out of sorts, an unidentifiable discomfort, and like a wise elder are called to realign our life with our inner light. With the slightest adjustments, we dissolve the barriers between our deepest desires and our dreams […]

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Virgo Moon – Action Phase

Like an employee receiving our performance review, we are facing some tough realities in need of deep transformation (Mars/Pluto conjunct in Capricorn), while our Venusian pursuits are given greater opportunity and reopen for analysis (Virgo Moon square Venus in Gemini) … just in time to hit a wall (Mercury in Aries square Retrograde Saturn in […]

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Leo First Quarter Square

Still emotionally raw from a check-in with all the planets, our identity finds itself in a face-off between what we have and what we want to be.  Leading up to the square that occurs within hours of the ingress into Leo, breakdowns will continue to lead to clarity. A time where situations in your life confront […]

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Gemini Moon – Projection Phase

Grab your hat! Within hours of the moon gliding into cerebral Gemini, our consciousness is ignited by a final Uranian blast to our identity (Sun/Uranus conjunction in Aries) … not to happen again for 77 years. March 2095 to be exact. A generational unveiling of our individual potential within the cosmos, and specifically the culmination […]

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Taurus Moon – Projection Phase

After that explosive Aries New Moon, our emotional bodies return to earth. As the Taurus Moon gains in light, we check in with our hearts (Moon conjunct Venus). Over the next couple days we are being given an opportunity to find harmonious balance between our deepest desires (Jupiter in Scorpio opposite Venus/Moon) and all the […]

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Aries New Moon

The opportunity to recreate your identity … starts NOW! The Aries New Moon is exact on April 15, 2018 at 26 degrees Aries, at 6:57 pm Los Angeles, 2:57 am London, and 12:57 pm Sydney on April 16th … and as the dark moon enters Aries, we have a window to consciously steer ourselves forward into uncharted […]

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Aries Moon – Mutation Phase

As the molten lavas of change flow and form a new world beneath our feet, we are being challenged to stand tall in our principals. By the dark of the moon, we mutate closer to our personal expression and values. Over the next couple days we awaken further to our soul’s calling. Healing our consciousness, along […]

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Aquarius Last Quarter Square

Just like spilled milk, never to return to it’s previous state, life has changed. We start this Aquarian Lunar Transit with the sun and moon squaring, yet failing to achieve exact alignment. The tension hums and the climax evades … until the end of the Taurus Solar Transit that is. A precursor of the energies […]

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