Aries Moon – Mutation Phase

As the molten lavas of change flow and form a new world beneath our feet, we are being challenged to stand tall in our principals. By the dark of the moon, we mutate closer to our personal expression¬†and values. Over the next couple days we awaken further to our soul’s calling. Healing our consciousness, along […]

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Aquarius Last Quarter Square

Just like spilled milk, never to return to it’s previous state, life has changed. We start this Aquarian Lunar Transit with the sun and moon squaring, yet failing to achieve exact alignment. The tension hums and the climax evades … until the end of the Taurus Solar Transit that is. A precursor of the energies […]

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Capricorn Last Quarter Square

Even if the scenery seems the same, our footing is secure, and we are gaining ground up the mountain. The mountain of money, relationships, values, self-worth, and goals that IS. The one commonly undermined by deep subconscious wounds … that we never seem to get to the top of, no matter how hard we work. […]

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Libra Full Moon

Time to shake those scales off and start fresh! Release all of the grains placed there in the past by others and set yourself free of the beliefs crafted to right the perceived imbalances. This Libra Full Moon is a restructuring of what became out of balance in the fall of 2015, as the Moon’s […]

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