Capricorn Last Quarter Square

Even if the scenery seems the same, our footing is secure, and we are gaining ground up the mountain. The mountain of money, relationships, values, self-worth, and goals that IS. The one commonly undermined by deep subconscious wounds … that we never seem to get to the top of, no matter how hard we work. […]

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Libra Full Moon

Time to shake those scales off and start fresh! Release all of the grains placed there in the past by others and set yourself free of the beliefs crafted to right the perceived imbalances. This Libra Full Moon is a restructuring of what became out of balance in the fall of 2015, as the Moon’s […]

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Virgo Moon – Analysis Phase

If ever there were a time to OVER-analyze … this is it. Not sure it’s avoidable. With the moon gaining intensity in Virgo and Mercury stationing retrograde in deliberative¬†Taurus. Although, it may feel more like shock-n-awe given all of the activation of the Pluto (Capricorn), Uranus (Aries) with sun conjoining, and Jupiter Rx (Libra) t-square […]

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Leo Moon – Action Phase

Ever see a lion laying in the grass and know their energy is anything but restful? Calculated calm. Ready to move on their whim. Surveying the land, then BAM, they’re off. With Saturn sitting at the Galactic Center til it starts going inward on Wednesday night, we are all paused and maybe even tired depending […]

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Cancer First Quarter Square

Turbulent times require tenacity … and for the foreseeable future, the cosmos is delivering a tempest. This Cancer Lunar Transit is just the start of what will build toward the Libra Full Moon occurring a week from now and will test us emotionally … force us to make tough decisions. Task master Saturn sitting at […]

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Aries New Moon

The opportunity to recreate your identity¬†… starts NOW! With the connection to Venus’ retrograde calling for self-love. Your very being during the next few days will trigger life events over the next 18 months that will bring changes in your experience of love, money, and values … for the ‘good’ or ‘bad’, higher or lower […]

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