Capricorn Last Quarter Square

With a calculated mind, and a blazing heart, we are bursting into the New Year! When cardinal fire and earth combine, the earth shakes, and at the end of it all we stand on new ground. This lunar transit guarantees it! In a matter of days the moon squares MANY energetic sources (planets) in the […]

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Sagittarius Last Quarter Square

Love is a battlefield. What have you won? With Mars in Taurus fueling determined actions in harmony with our dreams of unconditional love/dissolution of separation (sextile Neptune in Pisces) shortly after our subconscious realigned with our heart/mind (moon trine Venus/Mercury in Aries), we will ground the personal warrior within as the moon joins Saturn at […]

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Libra Moon – Perfection Phase

With our hearts attuned to source, with this lunar cycle we have an amazing opportunity to achieve perfect balance in our relationships … as the newly awakened self we are. Over the course of this moon, Mercury enters Aries … quickly in pursuit of a connection with Venus Rx, we achieve a union between heart […]

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Virgo Full Moon

Like a virgin … with this Virgo Full Moon, we are all being born again. Ascending to another dimension. Manifesting into reality the intentions created at the September 12, 2015 and September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipses, where we broadcast our personal truth in service of the world and our soul purpose rippled into the universe. […]

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Leo Moon – Analysis Phase

Feel those powerful strides. This Leo Lunar Transit is regally blessed with Mars in the last degree of Aries trining Saturn at the Galactic Center in Sagittarius giving us tremendous skill in expressing our soul purpose, when we otherwise would be stopped. This will be further supported by Mars moving into Taurus making our actions […]

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Cancer Moon – Action Phase

How we feel … is it real? Well, this lunar cycle we get to find out. After discovering what impedes us at the square, we are driven into action and with Mars trining and the moon opposite Saturn, we encounter the ultimate conundrum in moving forward and these next couple days pack the power to […]

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Gemini First Quarter Square

Listen to your heart … remain in the eye of the storm. As our consciousness connects as one with source (Sun, Mercury, Neptune conjunct in Pisces), squaring off with our unconscious dance in duality (Gemini Moon), a conflict leading to the harmonious integration of the soul deep transformation occurring in our identities and relationships … ascending […]

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